8 Activities to Celebrate Housekeeping Week

22 August 2022

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​Finding the fun in our jobs and honouring the things we are good at is a wonderful way to celebrate a week dedicated to our careers. Housekeeping Week gives us the opportunity to highlight that fun and to celebrate our people.

​Last year for Housekeeping Week we were all on reduced hours because of various lockdowns, so to continue the celebrations, ahs hospitality ran a series of activities that our teams could participate in together or from the comfort of their homes. Each activity came with prizes to be won!

​This year as we are all back on deck, we are running the inaugural ahs hospitality Olympics, with a new ‘event’ every day for our teams to be a part of with once again the chance to win a number of new prizes.

​In this blog, we share with you all the activities from this year and last that you could incorporate into celebrating your very own Housekeeping Week!

Housekeeping Olympics

Event 1: Towel Art

How nice is it to see a towel swan, or towel elephant sitting adorably on our beds when we walk into our hotel rooms? Well, it’s an art form! This activity is all about who has the best towel art skills. For this event we will have our teams send in pictures of their best creations and choose a winner based on quality and creativity. We love this activity as a reminder of the joy we can insert into people’s lives through our jobs.

Event 2: Speed bed making

This event is a measure of speed and accuracy! Which of our room attendants will make the bed perfectly in the safest and fastest way? We love this activity as it showcases our teams amazing skills.

Event 3: Neatest Pantry

A tidy, organised pantry is one of the most satisfying things to lay your eyes on. This activity is a test of organisation, from bed sheets to amenities, toilet paper to mini bar, who will have the neatest pantry? (No shame in messy pantry entries, most of us are in that boat!)

Event 4: Good Supervision (Room quality checks)

Who can find that pesky sock behind the curtain or that dust up high? Who leads their teams in the safest ways to avoid injury? This challenge is all about an eye for detail and how to overcome these challenges as they take place each and every day!

3 More Fun Games You Can Play

Toilet Roll Mummy

This one is a classic, who will make the most fascinating mummy out of toilet paper? Bonus points for using less than one roll per person, and for any creative flare!

Who is that baby?

This one is a great team builder. You can get to know each other a little more personally by sharing a baby picture of yourself as well as a current picture. Mix up all the photo’s then ask the team to match the right baby photo to the right current photo and see who gets the most correct!

Cultural Cook Off

This is another great activity to allow for strong and aligned teams. It not only brings awareness to the backgrounds of the people we work with, but it also gives an opportunity to sit down, spend time and share a meal with one another. In this activity you can cook your favourite meal from your culture and bring it in to share! If you want a winner with this one, you can get the team to vote for their favourite dish, otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the feast! You can also set this task for people at home to take part in with their families or friends. It’s a nice incentive that celebrates housekeeping in many ways.

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Housekeeping Week! We’d love to hear.