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We tailor our services to suit your hotel.

Our pricing models are structured to fit each individual hotel's needs and design. When you enquire with us, we collaborate with you to find the right servicing model for your hotel. This is obligation-free and provides our hotels with the opportunity to structure their ideal servicing model.

Our guest services

Our hotel partners select from our team of trained and qualified housekeepers:







Lost property

Lost property

Amenities management


Linen & Laundry

Linen &

Guest service

Guest service

Inspection & reporting

Inspection &

Housekeeping-full model

If you are searching for a more comprehensive servicing solution, our full-service housekeeping model is the answer. Your entire housekeeping department is operated by us freeing you from day-to-day concerns so you can focus on the big picture.

This models reliance on pre-determined structure and pricing makes it a smooth and effortless transition. With our full-service model we provide:

  • Labour

  • Equipment

  • Technology

  • Chemicals

  • Consumables

  • Uniforms

  • Training & Safety Services

  • Human Resources Support

  • Recruitment Services

Our full-service housekeeping model provides you with peace-of-mind while you're juggling the many demands of your hotel.

Labour hire

When you don’t have enough housekeepers, we can help. We have fully trained team members ready to work with you through those peaks and troughs.

  • No Fixed Costs with a base hourly rate

  • Minimum shift engagement 4 hours

  • Trained workforce

  • You decide start and end dates

  • Our team members work under your direction

  • Facility provides equipment and chemicals

If you want to learn more about our labour hire solution click here.

Covid-19 hotel services

Hygiene became an escalated priority when the pandemic hit and we responded swiftly. We immediately consulted with an infectious disease expert and established processes to ensure the safety of our hotel's guests.

To find out more about our full suite of covid infectious prevention solutions click here.

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