Meet Leanne Graham, Our Executive General Manager

30 September 2021

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​ahs hospitality are excited to announce the appointment of Leanne Graham into the role of Executive General Manager.

Starting out as an Executive Housekeeper herself, Leanne has over 20 years of experience working within major hotel chains and contracted service companies.

We sat down with Leanne to learn a little more about who she is and how she plans to lead.

Introducing Leanne Graham

Q1. What three words would best describe you?

Integrity, good communicator, and caring

Q2. What appealed to you about becoming the Executive General Manager for ahs hospitality?

I love housekeeping - the housekeeping team is always the heart of the hotel and that's the team that taught me how to be a leader. I also believe my experience in hotels and contracted services positions me well to add value to the ahs team.

Q3. As someone who began her career as an Executive Housekeeper, what do you think are the most important drivers for a successful housekeeping team?

Teamwork and compassion. Housekeeping teams are often such a diverse team that face many unique challenges. With that I’ve found having empathy, being collaborative, and creating a cohesive and supportive environment, will get your teams through the toughest of days.

Q4. We have heard you have quite an impressive academic record, what did you study at University?

Wow, who is telling you those secrets?! I have studied a Masters of Business at the University of New South Wales and am also a graduate of the Australia Institute of Company Directors. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Laws at University of New England.

Q5. What is your leadership style?

I like to be very connected to the business and part of the team - so collaborative and supportive. I am also very clear on accountability. Everyone has a role to play and they need to hold up their end of the bargain. Most importantly, you must have a sense of fun in the team.

Q7. If you had to pick one spirit animal, what would it be?

That's easy - a dog. Preferably my beautiful Oscar who we have unfortunately just lost. Their sense of loyalty and compassion is second to none.

Q8. Once global travel reopens, where is the first place you’ll visit?

New Zealand. I miss the mountains and I need to see my Grandma, my best friend, and my goddaughter. From a holiday perspective I think Fiji, I need to lie on a beach without anything to do and have someone bring me mojito's!

Q9. Anything you would like to add?

I am so thrilled to be back in the Hospitality sector. Our industry is filled with a certain type of person that is giving of themselves and full of heart. Most importantly, I can't wait to get out and about and start meeting our teams in hotels. They are the ones doing the hard work each day and I look forward to getting to know them.

​To learn more about Leanne ​or to connect with her on LinkedIn check out her bio here.