How to Apply for a Job with ahs hospitality

26 July 2021

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​Do you want to apply for a job with ahs hospitality, but you’re not sure what to include? Or how to make your resume stand out from the rest? Or how to even submit your application?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Hear directly from our recruiters on what they look for in job applications and read the three simple steps you can follow to apply for a job with ahs hospitality. ​

First things first, have you got all the information included in your resume that our recruiters are looking for?

What to Include on Your Job Application

​We spoke to some of our top talent sourcing representatives to get their “musts” for any successful applications.

Here’s what they had to say...

Lisa Mason - Recruitment and Training Manager

“I have four things that stand out for me when reviewing an application. Firstly, career objectives – tell me why I should hire you. Secondly, your key competencies should be outlined in your previous employment experience to reflect any transferable skills you may hold. Thirdly, your key interests, I want to know what drives you. Lastly, your email address (and please keep your email address professional).”

Zara Fahey – Human Resources Manager

“I value honesty and a candidate that is reachable. It can be very time-consuming having to attempt to contact a candidate multiple times and so unfortunate when they haven’t provided current contact details. It means we could be missing out on hiring the perfect candidate and the perfect candidate is missing out on joining our team.

I like to see as much relevant and current information about the applicant as possible. This includes a current phone number, email address, suburb, availability, and mode of transport. This assists the HR Coordinator greatly as they often have multiple shifts available across various locations.

Applications stand out for me when they are brief, accurate, and to the point. Shortlisting candidates can be time-consuming so it’s very important when a resume jumps out at you at the very beginning.”

Jonothon Cross – Human Resources Coordinator

“Include anything that qualifies as relevant experience - whether it is in a cafe, hotel, or a full-time parent, all experience is good experience! Also, your availability, if you have a valid license, and any training to make your application stronger and stand out from the rest. Lastly, show your enthusiasm to work - this is key in our industry. Previous experience is great but having the drive to do well will stand out!”

Winnie Steele – Recruitment Coordinator

​“I like to see applications that show an understanding and genuine interest in the position that they are applying for. It is also important to include a resume with correct personal information, clear work/study history, and a cover letter. For me, a standout application would be one that can show how their previous experience aligns with the skills required for the position that they are now applying for.”

3 Steps to Apply for a Job on the ahs hospitality Website

So now you know what to include on your application, how do you submit your application? It’s as simple as following these three simple steps…

1st Step: Visit our Website

  • Go to our website

  • Hover your mouse over ‘Jobs’ so a dropdown menu appears

  • Select ‘Job Search’ under that dropdown

2nd Step: View our Jobs

  • Now you should be on the page

  • Scroll down and view the jobs

  • Filter your job search by selecting options in the left-hand panel, you can filter ‘Business Sections’, ‘Contract Types’, and ‘Locations’ ​

3rd Step: Apply for a Job

  • Click ‘Apply Now’ on the job you wish to apply for

  • Put in your first name, last name, email address

  • Attach your resume

  • Click ‘Apply’

(You can also apply with Seek or LinkedIn)

​Step 4 (optional): Register to Track Your Application and Get Job Alerts

  • ​Click ‘Sign Up’

  • Fill in your details

  • Now you can follow the prompts to:

  • Create job alerts

  • View Saved jobs

  • Browse and apply for suggested jobs

  • Upload your CV ​


It’s that easy! Once you’ve applied for a job our Human Resources team will be in touch if you are successful in moving onto the next stage of the application process.

If you are considering working with ahs hospitality why not explore a bit more about our culture and learning and development opportunities byclicking here. You can also find out what we value and learn our history by visiting our About Uspage. ​

We wish you good luck with your application and we hope to be welcoming you into the ahs hospitality family soon!