What are the advantages of outsourcing hotel services?

14 April 2021

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Outsourcing in the hotel industry can provide an economical and logistical solution for many boutique and luxury hotels.

Compared with in-house, established and industry recognised outsourcing service providers often have a greater infrastructure, processes and resources for their service delivery as they specialise in their respective services.

By focusing their expertise and resources on a singular service, outsourced providers build out their deliverables for clients, providing a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Top 4 advantages of outsourcing hotel services:
  • Increased resources

  • Optimised processes

  • High level of concentrated expertise

  • Less in-house administration and operational work

Why outsource housekeeping services?

The demand for housekeeping services in hotels can be particularly inconsistent. We witnessed this during the COVID-19 pandemic when many hotels were faced with having to reduce their workforce and once the industry was re-invigorated, and occupancy rates increased, hotels were then faced with sourcing challenges. 

By outsourcing housekeeping services, hotels mitigate more of these risks while also gaining the many advantages that outsourced housekeeping services provide.

What are the benefits of outsourcing housekeeping?

For hotels who choose to outsource their housekeeping services, they can benefit from the latest housekeeping technology and systems, a fully-trained and flexible workforce set to meet occupancy rates, a decrease in compliance accountability for hotels, and less operational work for management.

Top 5 advantages of outsourced housekeeping:
  • Increased cost-efficiencies

  • Flexibility with labour hire

  • Access to industry-first innovations

  • Decrease liabilities for hotels

  • Peace-of-mind for management

Why outsource your housekeeping with ahs hospitality?

ahs hospitality are the first, and the leading, outsourced housekeeping service provider in Australia and New Zealand. ahs hospitality have obtained the latest in housekeeping technology, have assembled an experienced leadership team, can boast access to HR, legal and payroll services for all of their clients.

The advantage of outsourcing HR functions for housekeeping services is that it allows hotels to mitigate risk; as ahs hospitality manage and guarantee compliance across work rights, Occupational Health and Safety requirements, contractual requirements and the Fair Work Act.

Focusing on transparency, ahs hospitality have launched a client app to provide real-time operations data for each client. The systems and processes ahs hospitality have established provide their clients with a seamless, regulated and simple method to outsourced housekeeping.

ahs hospitality are a cost-effective option, offering short-term labour hire (as little as 4 hours per shift) to allow hotels to fill sudden workforce gaps. ahs tailor their service models to meet their clients needs and save on expenditure.

To find out more about ahs hospitality’s outsourced housekeeping services contact ustoday.​