Leaping into Hospitality in 2021

19 February 2021

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​What’s our plan for 2021?

Reset, refocus and reengage with our industry.

Our approach has our teams working collaboratively and creatively to re-think how we engage with hotels in this new age of hospitality.


Working with technology in 2021

We are looking to technology and our people to lead us through 2021. We intend to continue integrating the latest hospitality innovations to complement our labour force. New technology often brings fears of people becoming obsolete. Our approach is to have a balance that prioritises efficiency, safety and focus on overall guest service and satisfaction.

We are in a ‘people’ industry, with that in mind we know our strategic approach to 2021 is to fi

nd the perfect combination of a piece of technology accompanied by a smiling face.

To learn more about how technology is re-shaping our industry see the Evolution of Housekeepingfeaturing insights from our own Executive General Manager, Kylie Maxwell.

Working with people in 2021

While the future looks bright for hotels, as occupancies rise along with confidence in domestic travel, we still foresee challenges in keeping employees engaged. Building trust while adopting a more agile and creative approach to our workflows can be challenging. At a time when staff are looking for reassurance and consistency, their employer is required to constantly adapt to a changing landscape. In 2021 ahs hospitality will be focused on fine-tuning our processes while continuing to prioritise compliance, safety and satisfaction. Having structured processes while also maintaining an agile approach will ensure our employees feel both secure and engaged.

Working with partners in 2021

As prospective new clients and our partners look to become more streamlined, we see an opportunity to adapt our tailored models to respond to new industry demands. We also see potential markets and avenues for businesses in different areas of the country previously unexplored - as Australians call out to “travel here this year” our great outdoors and our hotel clients respond. Regional areas that were once only moderately busy are now becoming hives of activity over the holiday periods, leading to hotels experiencing unprecedented fluctuations in occupancy making labour challenging to anticipate. We provide support where there are labour gaps and we will work with clients to smoothly integrate our services into their workflow. We intend for our hotel partners to have a predominantly automated experience, requiring little management from their side once their housekeeping team is mobilised within their hotels.

With a solid business plan and foundation in place, we are excited to see 2021 as a year of growth not only for our own business but for owners, operators and the hospitality industry as a whole.