Bunzl Partnership Announcement - Supply Chain Consolidation

19 June 2023

plastic bottle reduction and recycle

The journey towards more sustainable business practices is one of the key initiatives of ahs hospitality as we move towards reducing our environmental impact. From sourcing materials ethically, to using eco-friendly chemicals, and reducing waste, we are continuously looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining the high-quality level of service we are known for.

Streamlining the supply chain from end-to-end is one of the many ways a business can contribute to more sustainable practices while continuing to reach growth targets and meeting client needs and expectations. By optimising processes and innovations such as tracking technology, a focus on continuous improvement, and a stronger supplier relationship, businesses can make significant reductions in emissions while increasing cost efficiency.

Through careful planning, research and negotiation, ahs hospitality has entered a partnership with a supplier, Bunzl, to establish a sustainably sound logistics system that enables us to improve customer experience at every stage.

The Problem

Our leadership team identified that as a national provider of hospitality services, we were reliant on too many product suppliers across Australia. This meant that as a company, ahs hospitality did not have the optimal level of control and consistency across the business to best support our workforce and optimise our client experience.

On a national level we were not able to accurately forecast our stock control to limit overstock and reduce waste, our products were inconsistent, and our procurement processes were not of a standard that was easily manageable or maintainable.


After significant research and negotiation, ahs hospitality is pleased to announce we have partnered with Bunzl, a global business with a local focus, committed to providing tailored solutions to their clients and who are also committed to supporting clients in their sustainable practices. This has enabled us to completely streamline our supply chain from more than 70 suppliers across the nation to just one. It has also provided us access to more sustainable products with Bunzl’s commitment to sustainability and the environment meeting our own values as a company.


- Consolidating to one supplier has enabled us to create better and more accurate methods for stock control and delivery outcomes

- We have consistency in the products on offer and the option of working toward product development for more sustainable outcomes

- Consolidating our suppliers has allowed us to minimise deliveries, reducing the emissions created in transportation

- We are working with Bunzl on monthly reporting that will outline our carbon footprint of delivery to all our hotel sites

- We are product testing a range of washable mops from Oates, supplied by Bunzl

Fun Facts

- The ahs signature polo that forms part of our uniform is made of 100% recycled polyester. The quick-dry efficiency of the fabric also means that our polo shirts do not require tumble drying or ironing- reducing the use of further electrical resources!

- The microfiber cloths we use across our sites are made from 2 x 500ml PET bottles. This not only takes 2 bottles per cloth out of landfill, it also saves approximately 7.5kg in CO2 emissions!

- Since June 2022 we have ordered 7,300 of these microfiber cloths, preventing more than 14,000 bottles going in to landfill!

- Research and product development is currently underway to work on the provision of a sustainable housekeeping trolley which we hope to announce later in the year.