ahs hospitality Partner with Diversey

21 February 2023

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​Maintaining Market Position

At ahs hospitality, we are proud to be Australia and New Zealand’s leading outsourced housekeeping provider. To sustain our position as ANZ’s housekeeping solutions . provider of choice, we are continually looking at how we can improve our services for the needs of both our clients and workforce.

A Strategic Partnership

2022 was a year of business review and process consolidation for ahs hospitality. We reviewed our equipment, technology, and our chemical supply chain practices to see how we could optimise the business and value proposition. During this review, we found an opportunity to align our operating teams to a single chemical supplier.

The transition to a sole chemical supplier means our services will have far greater consistency at all sites across Australia and New Zealand. This will also result in a simplified training plan and a more agile team which can have a smoother transition into operations across any of our sites.

We are excited to announce our new strategic partnership with our preferred cleaning chemical supplier, Diversey. Kicking off this relationship in December 2022, Diversey has made the transition seamless, with our business already receiving glowing feedback about the operational benefits from internal and external stakeholders.

Why did ahs partner with Diversey?

Diversey was selected as ahs hospitality’s chemical supplier partner based on their quality, distribution, commercial value, and their move to product development around Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiativesthat align closely to our own and the wider RGF Staffing community.

In addition, Diversey also offers ahs hospitality a global presence, a solid support team and an account management program to ensure a strong and viable commercial partnership.

How will this change ahs hospitality services?

We anticipate positive change for ahs hospitality and our hotel partners. Our new sole supplier partnership will mean our services will have greater consistency at all sites across Australia and New Zealand along with a simplified training plan so all team members are trained and can work across any of our sites.

“Under the leadership of Tim Pitcher, I am excited about the preferred partnership with Diversey. Diversey provide outstanding technical innovation and support to ahs – this was well and truly tested and proven during the COVID-19 pandemic. As ahs hospitality aligns more sites to the Diversey product range, efficiencies will be gained through the consolidation of our chemical range. This in turn provides great safety benefits such as a reduction in the quantity of chemical risk assessments required, streamlined training and simplifying the process of moving team members between sites as we move towards a single Diversey product range across most sites.”

- Jay Markland, ahs hospitality Senior Safety Business Partner.

“There is something brilliant that happens when a partnership works! Diversey is one of the oldest and most recognised global cleaning brands, and when partnered with ahs hospitality something exciting is born. Whilst our partnership evolved it was clear we live by the same goals, which go well beyond the supply of just chemicals. Together we strive to protect lives and exceed our customer's expectations.

Recently, we have been working together to provide tangible value with an added focus on Environmental Sustainability and Health & Safety. In 2023 Diversey will continue to innovate products with ahs hospitality, which will allow us to move our industry forward and provide our customers with total peace of mind.”

-Tim Pitcher, Diversey National Sector Lead & Key Accounts Manager Australia

We step confidently into 2023 with a strong foundation of support, distribution and an established training program so we can deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Looking ahead we continue to prioritise ESG, as we put a greater focus on reporting to understand the manufacturing process, Scope 3 emissions and continuous development in eco-friendly chemicals and ways of cleaning. ​