How we prepared for 2022 post COVID-19

25 February 2022

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​There is no hiding from the fact that the hospitality and tourism industries were the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years. The uncertainty it brought to the labour market and the disruptions the shutdowns created for our team and hotel partners is a time most of us will never forget.

Though, it is important to remember that our industry is a leading contributor to our national economy, and we must all work together throughout 2022 to ensure that the personal and professional opportunities the hospitality industry offers continues. We also must not forget what the past couple of years have taught us: problem solving, resilience and adaptability – industry skills that will continue to be essential in all facets of hospitality in the years ahead.

We sat down with Leanne Graham, Executive General Manager of ahs hospitality, to find out how, as a hotel housekeeping labour services provider, we re-positioned ourselves to adapt in line with these market changes.

We evolved our employee value proposition:

At ahs hospitality, we reinvigorated our team’s desire to be part of the hospitality and hotel accommodation industry by evolving our employee value proposition that plays to our strong culture of teamwork and collaboration.

‘We introduced a new rewards and recognition program called ‘ahs 4 us’, a new learning platform, and an increased investment in team building days and events such as ‘Housekeeping Week’. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so it’s important for us to provide them with fun incentives and opportunities to further their professional development’ says Leanne.

This is important as we continue to provide highly trained and motivated employees to the hotel partners we support. You can see all the fun our housekeepers and employees have by following our LinkedIn page.

We have adapted our housekeeping services:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our housekeeping services to ensure the safety of our hotel guests and clients. This includes enhanced bed hygiene practices, deep room cleans and pathogen disinfection.

On top of this, we have now recently offered consultancy to help our hotel partners with their safety procedures. Awarded with a ‘Highly Commended’ at the National Safety Awards of Excellence for our solution to ‘Work Health Safety Risk’, our dedicated safety team can help establish industry and state recognised procedures to mitigate health and safety risks.

We are also continuing to explore new technologies and develop additional service lines which will further diversify our business offerings that we can deliver to create greater flexibility and better value for both our employees and hotel partners.

We revisited our labour candidate pool:

In response to the labour candidate shortages we have seen across the hospitality industry, we widened our search focus and expanded our advertising platforms to reach different candidate pools that had communication, customer service and teamwork skills, along with an eagerness to learn. We also took the opportunity to advertise within our RGF Staffing APEJ family of businesses for any expressions of interest. For those we recruited, our in-depth training sessions provided new employees with the skills to support our hotel partners with the housekeeping services they require.

Indeed, with our housekeepers ready to welcome back hotel guests from all over the world and our team here to support our hotel partners with expanded housekeeping and safety services, we’re confident that our industry can come back stronger than ever to welcome what 2022 has to offer.

ahs hospitality are always available to discuss housekeeping and guest services across Australia and New Zealand – to learn more, please get in touch with your local General Manager Today