Adding Simple Festive Touches for Your Guests This Christmas

21 December 2020

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​​The festive season is a time for happiness, joy and surrounding ourselves with our loved ones. Whilst the Australian holiday season is a far cry different from that of the northern hemisphere, it doesn’t mean that we can’t put a little summer into Christmas without compromising on tradition.

When thinking of the holiday season, the first memories that come to mind are usually based on experience. These experiences come from the excitement of getting on an aeroplane, being in a different city or location and most importantly, the thrill of the luxury hotel experience. At Christmas time however, many of us choose to spend it in our own homes with family and friends, so we say why not bring the holiday home?

For those of you entertaining guests over the festive season, “Christmas Housekeeping” should not be something that ties you down. Here at ahs hospitality HQ, we asked some of our housekeeping experts what they would do to add those festive hotel touches to their homes this holiday season.

With such a variety of answers, hints and tips we have consolidated everything into our one-stop shop, housekeeping guide.

Good Housekeeping Christmas Guide 2020

When creating an optimal guest experience, it is important to consider the senses. Often overlooked, but arguably the most crucial elements to consider when preparing a guest room, involve sight, sound and smell.


In most cases more is less, this means some of the best hotel touches in your own home can be as simple as a well-made bed, soft plush towels, well placed festive homewares and hotel styled bathroom amenities.

The Bed

Our summer calls for light and comfortable bedding. Perfecting those corner folds can be difficult, but the hot tip from the ahs hospitality team for the perfect bed is well-placed pillows (lots of them), coupled with a plush Z folded duvet. The Z fold sounds complicated but simply calls for you to fold the duvet back on itself then a further backward fold midway up the bed. It creates a beautifully plush pleat similar to that of a well turned down bed in a hotel.

Festive Homewares

Don’t break the bank at Christmas with expensive ornaments, some of the best homewares can be found online, but nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than an oversized nutcracker or mini-Christmas tree on the bedside. Other touches include small decorations added to folded bath towels and by far the most popular housekeepers treat, a chocolate to enjoy before rolling into bed.

The Bathroom

Be honest now, have you ever stayed in a hotel and taken the luxury amenities home? We don’t expect you to answer right away, but this is a simple solution to have your bathroom looking like that of a hotel. For those who prefer a more eco-friendly and local approach, many of our favourite brands now offer larger luxury products, so you can refill and reuse small bottles for your guests.


There is no better way to add the sounds of Christmas than with a curated playlist. If you have a wireless speaker, share the festive cheer and welcome your guests to their room with sounds of the season. Build your playlist through your favorite streaming service and place it on the bedside table; give your guests access to your playlists so they can contribute their own festive tunes.


Many of us feel a sense of comfort when we walk into a room and can smell the tones of Christmas and summer. The consensus amongst the ahs hospitality team was that to complete the full luxury hotel experience in your home, scent is everything.

Do your research on the most suitable scents for your home. With a variety of options and price points, sometimes the simplest candle burners, diffusers or rooms sprays can have your home filled with the smell of Christmas in no time.

2020 has proved how important our surroundings are, from office to classroom and castle to kingdom. Overall, it’s the little touches that complete the big picture and here at ahs hospitality, our team love sharing their hints and tips to create your very own luxury experiences at home. From our entire team at ahs hospitality we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays!