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Team Testimonials

We are always working to foster an open-minded community among our teams where our employees can feel safe and comfortable. We value their dedication and hard work in providing quality housekeeping services to our luxury and boutique hotel partners.

I started my employment with Sudima Christchurch City as Pre-Opening Executive Housekeeper back in March 2019. This was my 8th hotel pre-opening experience and by far my most enjoyable. We had the opportunity to look into methods of being more sustainable in our amenities provided to our guest and really looked to push locally sourced products where we could. 

Covid changed the dynamic of our employment status but feel blessed to still be able to work in a hotel I love and with ahs hospitality now my direct employer, I know that there are opportunities to develop further career goals for myself and staff in my team!

Looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings our way.

Andrea Huxford, Housekeeping Manager

I started working with ahs hospitality from 11 August 2019. It’s been a great new learning experience with ahs in the last 11 months. ahs helped me to increase my working ability by providing a good working environment.

As I am working in a housekeeping department knowledge of different chemicals and the tools used to manage secure work processes is necessary. Using various machines like vacuum, scrubber, steam cleaner etc. requires good knowledge thus, the on-boarding process helped me to learn day-by-day processes to use and work successfully with different tools.

The most important thing I learned through the on-boarding process is to ensure I follow ahs processes when performing tasks, such as deciding whether we are fit or not to complete the work and communicate effectively in a team. My on-boarding also helped me earn the company's values, mission and the ways to achieve good feedback.

In my first week I learned about the different ways to work securely through the on-boarding system course (Chandler Macleod on-boarding System) and tests provided by ahs. I studied the course for safety behaviour in the workplace, Values, Safety induction etc. and sat different tests to check my understanding. Similarly, I got two days training for the first week in my workplace and learned about my duties and requirements for work.

I am fully satisfied with my current employment with ahs hospitality. This company ensures employee security, employee requirements, a strong working environment, and supports proper training which makes me grateful to be with this company. This company also helped me to increase my performance with different team culture and I have gained good communication skills with motivation and goals achievements.

Anish Karki, Room Attendant

I started with ahs in February 2018. My first day was an introduction day at ahs Head Office in Sydney where I was introduced to the Management team and was given workplace safety training. I was made to feel very welcome and straight away I felt that I was working at a professional company.

On my first day at the hotel the Housekeeping Manager took me around the hotel and introduced me to the hotel General Manager and key members of the hotel team. The Housekeeping Manager arranged training for me with the Housekeeping Supervisor.

I was given two weeks training where I took part in practical on the job safety training. I learnt about room and pantry locations and I was given step by step instructions on how to clean each room and how to manage my time. I was given time to learn and perform my role without feeling pressured. The whole on-boarding experience at ahs made me feel very comfortable.

Sarah Nguyen, Housekeeping Executive