Meet Cheryle: ahs hospitality's legendary employee of 29 years!

11 October 2023


​​We're thrilled to celebrate 30 incredible years of hotel housekeeping excellence at ahs hospitality, where we've been proudly delivering our hotel housekeeping solutions across Australia and New Zealand to our clients.

As we reflect on this journey, we had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with our longest serving employee, Cheryle, who has been an integral part of the ahs hospitality community for 29 amazing years! Join us as we dive into Cheryle's unforgettable moments and her best-kept housekeeping secrets in our exclusive interview.

ahs hospitality: What inspired you to work in hotel housekeeping?

Cheryle: When my children were in school, I wanted to find work that would provide me with a great work life balance and flexible hours so I can still be there for them. When I saw ahs hospitality advertising for a Room Attendant position and offered flexible hours where I could still drop them off and pick them up from school - I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

ahs hospitality: How has the housekeeping department evolved since you started in 1994, and what changes do you appreciate the most?

Cheryle: A lot of our tools we use to clean rooms and public areas today are a lot easier and safer to use from when I first joined ahs hospitality, all thanks to the advancements in technology we have seen these past 30 years. I also appreciate the industry’s move, especially within our business, to more sustainable business practices.

ahs hospitality: What is your most memorable experience or interaction with a guest?

Cheryle: I enjoy positive guest interactions at any level, whether they be a well-known VIP, to returned guests on their annual family holiday or business trip. I particularly love having a chat with guests when they stay with us as it allows me to learn more about them to enhance their stay. Though, my most memorable guest experience was when a lot of VIPS were staying in our hotel in Perth and they took the time to have a chat to all of us in the housekeeping team and thanking us for making their stay so comfortable and pleasurable!

ahs hospitality: What is the funniest or most interesting request made by guests during your time as a Room Attendant?

Cheryle: We had this guest that did not use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and did not like to wear their shoes inside their room. So he left a message for all us housekeepers that when there were shoes outside the door, there was no need to enter or clean the room 😉.

ahs hospitality: What is one housekeeping cleaning secret you wish everyone knew?

Cheryle: Always stretch and warm up your body before cleaning when you know you will be doing some bending and lifting. It is so important to work safely and listen to your body to help keep your well-being and physical health front of mind. By doing this, it will allow you to be your best self when interacting with guests and other people. And another housekeeping cleaning secret, which is not really a secret, is to not use your back when making your bed! These secrets can not only be used within hotel housekeeping but when cleaning at home too.

ahs hospitality: What do you think makes ahs hospitality such a great company to work for all these years?

Cheryle: After all these years working with ahs hospitality they have always been a great company to work for as a working mum who needs flexible working hours. Working with ahs hospitality, you can nominate what days and hours you can work, and you can go and work at other client hotels in the area when the one you are currently working for is not at full room capacity. ahs hospitality have many loyal hotel clients here in Perth so there is always work. And if you are moving interstate, you can transfer hotels, and stay with the company.

ahs hospitality: What advice would you offer to new team members who aspire to have a long and successful career in hotel housekeeping?

Cheryle: My advice is to first work as a Housekeeping Room Attendant as this provides a fantastic opportunity to learn the core principles of Housekeeping. Learn how to perform your tasks well as it will help you grow into training and leadership roles if this is the direction you want to go in your career. There are always opportunities to learn and grow at ahs hospitality.