30 Dos and Don'ts of Hotel Housekeeping

01 September 2023

Housekeeeping Lady Hotel Dos and Don'ts

​Did you know that we have been in the hotel housekeeping business for 30 years? In honour of this milestone we thought we would list the essential dos and don’ts of housekeeping we have learnt over the years.

We follow these 30 top tips to provide smooth processes for our hotel clients and offer quality and comfort to our hotels’ satisfied guests. So, join us as we celebrate our BIG 3-0 and we share something you might not know about housekeeping.

Fifteen Must Dos:

  1. Do greet guests with a warm and friendly attitude – We are not only Housekeepers but hotel representatives so it’s important to greet every guest with a friendly smile and make them feel comfortable during their stay with us.

  2. Do maintain a high level of cleanliness in guest rooms and public areas – Continuously upholding high-quality services, including creating clean and tidy spaces is what we do best and take most pride in.

  3. Do report and manage hazards, near misses and incidents that may occur – This tip prioritises the safety of fellow hotel staffand guests and helps highlight areas that may be safety risks and need to be assessed to improve safety on site.

  4. Do follow the hotel's brand standard procedures for cleaning, servicing, and presenting rooms – At ahs hospitality, we have created our own Room Servicing ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOP) to ensure that rooms and public areas are cleaned to health control standards, but we always ensure our standards meet those of the brands within we work.

  5. Do handle and store cleaning chemicals safely, following stringent guidelines – Housekeeping departments are bound by legislation that ensures our workplace is managed and maintained to prioritise our health, safety, and welfare.

  6. Do maintain a professional appearance by wearing clean uniforms - Grooming and presentation is very important in the hospitality industry. As housekeepers, it’s important that we always abide by our hotel’s grooming standards.

  7. Do practice proper ergonomics and lifting techniques to prevent injuries – At ahs hospitality, all our housekeepers participate in a warmup at the beginning of their shift to ensure our bodies are ready for the lifting and bending we do in our role.

  8. Do communicate effectively with other departments to ensure a seamless guest experience – The Housekeeping team is an integral part of a smooth running and successful hotel, so it is important that as Housekeepers we communicate and collaborate with the greater hotel departments such as front office and concierge.

  9. Do adhere to best practise service standards – For cleaning and disinfecting tasks, it is required that we adhere to the ahs assure practices such as wearing gloves and regularly washing and sanitising our hands for cleanliness, hygiene, and safety.

  10. Do handle lost and found items according to hotel procedures – When we locate items that we may think is lost property, it’s procedure that we place the items in a bag and compete a lost property tag, then we lock it away for safe keeping until we can find its rightful owner.

  11. Do respect guests' privacy and handle their personal belongings with care – Our hotel guests have the right to feel that their personal belongings are safe and handled with care when tidying their room.

  12. Do respect and accommodate guests with special needs or disabilities – Respecting and accommodating guests living with disabilities ensures an inclusive and welcoming environment, enhancing their comfort and overall experience during their stay.

  13. Do replenish amenities and supplies in guest rooms regularly – Regularly replenishing complimentary amenities and supplies in guest rooms ensures a comfortable and satisfying stay, enhancing the guest experience and reflecting the hotel's commitment to exceptional service and care.

  14. Do handle guest requests and complaints professionally and promptly – A prompt response is likely to increase guest satisfaction, enhances their experience, and maintain the hotel's reputation for exceptional service, fostering loyalty and positive reviews.

  15. Do adhere to the hotel's sustainability practices, such as recycling and energy conservation – Adhering to hotel sustainability practices preserves the environment, reduces costs, and enhances the hotel's reputation for responsible and eco-friendly operations.

Fifteen Must Don’ts:

  1. Don’t wear open toe shoes – It is important to wear non-slip shoes that cover the entire foot to protect the top your feet and prevent slips in wet areas in the hotel.

  2. Don’t leave your hair out – If you have long hair, it’s important to tie it back and away from your face to minimise the chances of it getting caught on objects or equipment.

  3. Don’t pull trolleys – Housekeeping Trolleys are designed to be pushed with handlebars designed at the front of the trolley to easily grip and hold.

  4. Don’t move guests’ belongings – As Housekeepers, we should avoid moving or reorganising guest belongings without clear instruction.

  5. Don’t make an unnecessary or disruptive noises – Excessive noise while cleaning, such as slamming doors or using loud equipment, can disturb other guests who are likely at the hotel for a holiday or quiet break.

  6. Don't engage in rude or discriminatory behaviour or language towards guests – Every interaction hotel guests have with hotel workers adds to their guest experience, so it’s very important that as housekeepers we do our bit to make it a positive one and treat them with kindness. Always note, if in doubt call the Supervisor to assist!

  7. Don’t abandon your rostered shifts – Housekeeping Managers roster the appropriate number of workers per shift, so if we do not turn up to our shift it impacts our teammates. If you’re unable to make it to your assigned shift, it’s important to let your supervisor know with as much notice as possible.

  8. Don’t work during your assigned breaks – It’s important to take a break from your tasks to avoid exhaustion or burn out. During your break, have something to eat and stay hydrated.

  9. Don't enter guest rooms without knocking first – It is always important to knock, announce and wait for a response before entering the room. Some hotel rooms have messages like ‘Do not disturb’ or ‘Please make up room’ signs which makes it easy to know when to clean the room.

  10. Don't use or steal guests' belongings – It’s important that we respect guest’s personal belongings and stealing from a guest is considered misconduct.

  11. Don’t let a guest into a room they may claim is theirs – For all guest safety, we are required to direct them to the reception desk where they will be issued with a new key.

  12. Don't skip training sessions – Every training session your managers or hotel holds is valuable to help you develop in your role and stay up to date on new processes and procedures.

  13. Don't overlook the importance of teamwork – As Housekeepers, we work as part of a team so it’s important to communicate with your Supervisor and team members if you are struggling to complete your tasks or unsure of how to handle a guest enquiry.

  14. Don’t answer a question if you don’t know the answer – Wrong information is worse than simply saying “I am not sure”. Always use the support of the hotel team to direct guests and colleagues to the correct source of truth.

  15. Don’t walk around with your eyes closed – If you see something odd, strange or out of place, report it to your supervisor. Hotels are high traffic zones and if something does not seem right or it’s out of place, let the team know as something may have changed without you knowing.

Were some of our top tips a surprise to you? Despite having stayed in hotels, most guests are unaware of the processes involved when providing quality housekeeping services. While we only scratched the surface of what goes into maintaining high quality housekeeping services, at ahs hospitality we do believe there is always more to learn and improve on to provide the best experience for our guests and hotel partners.

Learn more about ahs hospitality’s housekeeping services or get in touch to enquire about how we support our hotel partners in providing quality housekeeping services.