8 Hotel Hacks & Housekeeping How-Tos

27 May 2021

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Ever had a messy mishap, struggled to get it out, and thought “how do housekeepers do it?”

We spoke to our team of dedicated housekeepers to get the low down on all their hotel hacks from removing red wine stains to getting your bathtub sparkling. Find the answers to these top DIY questions direct from our talented team of housekeeping professionals.

Hotel Hacks FAQs

  1. How do you remove wax from carpet?
    If you’ve dropped candle wax on the carpet, you might have been struggling to remove it and are about ready to give up. Well, our housekeepers have some helpful hints, firstly grab yourself an iron and some white paper, next heat the iron (make sure the steam function is turned off), finally place the paper over the wax and then press with the hot iron (be careful not to burn the carpet). This will melt the wax making it much simpler for you to remove.

  2. How do you remove gum from carpets and other surfaces?
    Gum on almost any surface can be a nightmare, but our housekeepers suggest using orange oil or an oil-based substance to easily remove chewing gum or gum type residue from carpet, flooring or other surfaces. If you don’t have an oil-based options, try using an ice cube to freeze and remove the chewing gum.

  3. How do I get red wine out of carpet?
    It may feel like there’s no coming back from red wine being dropped on a fresh white carpet, but before you give up our housekeepers have an easy tip. Try sprinkling salt all over the stain, give it a few minutes to absorb, and then soak with water.

  4. How do get your bathroom spotless?
    Get your bathroom sparkling with some simple ingredients. Our housekeepers swear bicarb soda and vinegar mixed together scrubs away just about everything in a bathroom, while toothpaste is great for removing marks from bathtubs.

  5. How do you remove the smell of smoke from a room?
    Some hotel guests, just like some house guests, may ignore the “no smoking” signs. If this has happened to you, our best tip is to sprinkle some vanilla essence in a bowl to hide that smoky smell.

  6. How do you remove stains from curtains?
    To remove stains from your curtains or any sheer fabrics we use, what we affectionately call the ‘magic sponge’ (AKA Chux Magic Eraser) and “Abra kadabara” it will disappear before your very eyes.

  7. How do you remove makeup stains?
    If you are trying to get makeup, such as foundation, out of clothes, carpet, or bedding our housekeepers suggest a few different approaches. Some say to try using liquid soap, others claim dish detergent is the fix, while the rest suggested shaving cream will do the job. Whichever solution you try, make sure you use a cloth before you start rubbing off any trace of makeup on your fabric and linens.

  8. How do housekeepers tidy so fast?
    We have been asked this by people who complain they spent the weekend making their home spotless. Our housekeepers responded saying they’re efficient because of procedures and routine that keeps them on task. We take this further, reminding you they are professionals in room servicing and as they gain experience, like in any job, they are able to do their job quickly without sacrificing on quality.

We hope these hotel hacks have been helpful in dealing with any frustrating stains, marks, or bad odours you have had the misfortune of coming toe-to-toe with.

If you have any further housekeeping related queries or wish to get in touch about our services please contact us today.