Success Story - Meet Kirsty

17 October 2019

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Apply Now​ahs were so impressed by not only Kirsty's enthusiasm and drive to succeed, but also in her challenge to gain employment so we wanted to share her story with you.

Please see below the recent feedback from our client:

Here is Kirsty's ahs Success Story in her own words:

I was a young stay at home mother of two for 10yrs, once both my children started school I wanted to jump back into the workforce, with all my previous certificates outdated and no recent experience or references I applied for literally hundreds of jobs but rarely would I receive a response and had not been offered a single interview.

I was then placed into a six months work for the dole placement where I spent several days scraping paint off the outside of a scouts shed with a chisel in the summers heat.

By this time, I'd almost lost any hope of being anything other than a "homemaker". I felt as if no one was ever going to give me the chance to prove myself as an important employee.

Then a week later as I was about to be placed onto Newstart allowance an opportunity through Max Employment arose to do two weeks theory and work placement with the ahs team and I excitedly accepted.

All they wanted to see was that you WANTED to work. I put my hand straight up and just to be given that initial opportunity was uplifting for me after so long!

I put in my all, through training and placement. Then I received a phone call while I was actually sitting in a Centrelink appointment. It was Kerry calling to let me know I had got the job! I started with ahs on the 15th of Aug 2016.

Once I started, I immediately wanted to do and be more. I was given the chance to learn all areas of cleaning from public areas, houseman, special cleans, spring cleans - you name it I learnt it. I was also put forward to do a train the trainer short course, all this just boosted my motivation to grow and learn.

Around the 1yr mark my manager asked if I would like to be trained up as 2IC as the position was becoming available and my name had been mentioned by a couple of our team members. I was shocked! But I took the bull by the horns and ran with it. It was around a year later my manager was ready to embark on her next chapter in life and I was offered the chance to apply for the MANAGER roll at The Chancellor on Currie.

As of the 1st of Feb 2019, I took over the Management role and my life has been turned around. The hotel is thriving and my team are settling in with all the changes.

I cannot thank Kerry and the ahs team enough for giving me that initial chance when nobody else would. It has changed not only mine, but my families lives for the better. I now look forward to the years to come.

Kirsty's story is inspirational, a prime example of how hardwork, determination and ambition are a powerful combination.

If you're looking for work and feel you have the same drive as Kirsty, then Apply Now with ahs hospitality.